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The Gun Owner Insurance Experts for Concealed Carry & Self-Defense!
Concealed Carry License Holder or not...if you own a gun you need to have the proper insurance coverage in place if you ever have to use your weapon in Self-Defense.  Home and Umbrella policies will provide coverage to you for negligent acts (accidental shootings) but most will NOT cover you if you have to use your gun for Self-Defense! 

Chris Monge of Affordable Insurance Solutions LLC, Author of "The Gun Owners Guide to Insurance for Concealed Carry and Self-Defense" has become the leading expert on Concealed Carry & Self-Defense Insurance. Chris has put together a comprehensive insurance program that covers Concealed Carry Licensees against Legal Fees and Civil Suits for a Self-Defense Shooting and for gun owners who do not carry concealed but keep a weapon in their home, against Civil Suits for a Self-Defense shooting.

Please check out our site for important information on protecting you and your family in the event of a Self-Defense shooting and be sure to purchase your own copy of "The Gun Owners Guide to Insurance for Concealed Carry and Self-Defense" right here on this site - it is available as an E-Book download for immediate reading.

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